Supporting Your ESG Goals

Zero Bin is a mobile software platform that provides the
digital tool for corporations to set, improve and measure their ESG goals

Critical Challenge

Climate Issues

  • In Canada, annually, 15B plastic bags and 57M straws are used. Canadians throw away three million tons of plastics annually, only 9% of which is recycled now.

Difficult to Manage

Medium Size Corps are Unsure about ESG

  • No other tool allows an organizational plan, ESG goal setting, and ESG strategy tracking.
  • No platform helps every employee in the organization engage in impacting the ESG goal.
  • Corporations require frameworks to help them capture and report on their ESG projections.

Don't Miss the ESG Benefits

Zero Bin Integrates with your ERP System

Zero Bin allows all members of the organization to participate


We provide a dashboard that demonstrates the state of carbon emission, waste production, etc. both to demonstrate individual and organizational performance.

ESG Reporting

Our platform integrates with other ERPs and allow using various available ESG reporting standard.


Supporting Corporations Reach Their ESG Goals

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